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The international career of Wilhelmina Lof started off a long time ago, while working in the textile printing industries, like Texoprint and Parisign. Lots of her designs found their way far across the Dutch borders into Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the  South Americas, either taking shape as printed fabrics for ladies fashion, or printed on special paper for local hottransferring into fabrics in the country of destination.

During her active years in computergraphics design for teletext services, her designs were seen bij millions of TV-viewers not only in the Netherlands, but in Belgium and Sweden too, as well as widespread over Europe, thanks to the designs she made for the Discovery Channel.

Internationaal Exhibitions

Dutch Luxury Design

Timeless Gallery Group
Timeless Gallery (Puerto Banus, Marbella, Spanje)
Timeless Gallery (Miami, Florida, US)
Timeless Gallery (Minerva, Malmoe, Zweden)
Timeless Gallery (New Form, Tralleborg, Zweden)
Timeless Gallery (Gdynia, Polen)
Timeless Gallery (Bialystok, Polen)

Thanks to the efforts of “Dutch Luxury Design” are moved 10 paintings to the South of Europe and displayed at the Timeless Gallery Group, in Spain, Sweden, Poland and the United States. A selection is included in the printed folder “Love & Passion,” and in the pdf Edition

European Luxury Design

Biennale Calcutta India

First Historical International Visual Art Biennale of Kolkata
In cooperation with European Art Society of London, 7 – 12 april 2015

New Delhi India

Alliance de France Embassy Hall
6 t/m 9 november 2015

Mumbai India

Art Gate Art Gallery
13 t/m 19 december 2015


AVISKAR (Discovery)- 9th International Art Expo- Calcutta, India
Organised y Roymans Art Studio (Calcutta, London, Ankara)
The Venue and Date:
Venue: Birla Academy of Art & Birla Acadamy Art Culture
Date: June 7 – June 19, 2016


International Artists’ Workshop 2002 / 2003

Under the aegis of the Municipal Government of Chania (Crete, Greece) an International Workshop for Artists was organized in Octobre/Novembre 2002 by the Omma Centre of Contemporary Art. Omma’s management, Despina and Thomas Tunberg, invited Wil Lof to take part in this workshop, which was attended by a choice of artists from India and the USA as well as a selected group of local painters from the provence of Chania. The workshop had a widespread coverage from local and regional press and television.
The workshop, held in the conference room (which was converted into an open atelier) of the Panorama Hotel at Gatalas, close to Chania, ended up in an exhibition held in the huge arsenal building ‘Neoria’, at the old Venetian harbour.
The interest the Greek audiance showed during the Neoria-exhibition, resulted in the paintings to be held on stock with the Omma Centre of Contemporary Art and to be on display up to mid Januari 2003. Furthermore Wil attended the March/April 2003 international exhibition in Neoria, followed by attending the october_2004-workshop prior to a solo exhibition in Novembre 2003 at the Omma Centre of Contemporary Art.

In 2004 Wil Lof was represented at the 2nd International Exhibition in Neoria (June), and held  another Solo exhibition in the month of Octobre.
Mallorca / Spain , January/March 2003
As per January 9th, 2003, a brand-new gallery in Puerto d’Andratx (Mallorca, Span) opened its doors.
Wil Lof participated with five others painters in a ground breaking exhibition, lasting from January 11th upto March 5th.

Donostia – San Sebastian / Spain, September 2004
Participation at  I Muestra Internacional de Arte  Contemporaneo  in Palacio de Miramar, Donostia (San Sebastian,  Spain).

Barcelona / Spain, October 2004
Group exhibition at Galeria Sala Barna (Grupo Batik Art) in Barcelona

Frankfurt aM / Germany, October 2004
Participation at the stand of Grupo Batik Art on the Art Pavillion of the Frankfurter Buchmesse

Miami / U.S.A., December 2004
Participation at the stand of Grupo Batik Art in the Museum of the Americas / Latin American Art Museum  in Miami

Sevilla / Spain, January 2005
Group exhibition at the stand of Grupo Batik Art at Arte Sevilla 2005 in the Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos, Sevilla.

March 2006
In January 2006 the artistic committee of the ‘Horizon’-exhibition selected the Marian- and Mystery-collection to be exhibited at the Horizon-exhibition in March 2006 in an ancient Medici-villa nearby Florence. The exhibition was unfortunately cancelled.

Biarritz / France, October 2006
Wil was invited to participate at Le Brouillarta, an open air exhibition of painters from the French and Spanish Basque-region, in Biarritz.

Saint Jean de Luz / France, September/October 2006 onwards
The management of Galerie Charlevoix at Saint Jean the Luz (Pays Basque, France) decided to stock his gallery with over 40 figurative paintings from Wilhelmina Lof.

Puerto Banús (Marbella) / Spain, December 2006 onwards
The management of Galerie Charlevoix opened a Galerie D’Art International “La Galerie” and stocked it with a.o. paintings from Wilhelmina Lof.

Mar del Plata / Argentina, June/September 2007
Wilhelmina Lof showed four recent works at the permanent exhibition at the Congress Centre of the Sheraton Hotel in  Mar del Plata

Montreal, Quebec/Canada, December 2007
Participation in a group exhibition at Galerie/Gallery Gora, as forerunner to a solo exhibition somewhere in 2008

Spring 2008
 Wil Lof received two invitations to exhibit and participate at two sides of the Atlantic Ocean.
The director of Agora Gallery of New York City (V.S.) invited Wilhelmina to exhibit her abstract painting because “…(they) will resonate well in New York and with our international audience”. The invitation was accompanied by the suggestion to participate as well in the 23rd Chelsea Fine Art Competition.
On this side of the ocean Wilhelmina was invited to participate in the IV International Competition of Contemporary Arts “Sprigiona la Fantasia”, organized by the Accademia Internazionale Santarita of Torino, Italy.

Florence / Italy, December 2003 – 2015
Nominated for and Represented at the 4th Biennale Internazionale Dell’Arte Contemporanea
The International Scientific Committee of the  Biennale Internazionale dell’Arte Contemporanea has nominated and selected Wil Lof to participate. The Biennale was an official participant in the “Dialogue among Civilizations”-program of the United Nations, and was be held from 6 – 14 December 2003 in the Fortezza da Basso, Florence (Italy).

Since then,Wil receives every other year an invitation to attend this Biennale.

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